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Monolitic structure 
Mobile upright structure with the possibility of working both in "pendular" mode and over 
the full X-axis travel 
Linear axis guides with ball runners on all the axes 
Travel and feeds 
X-axis travel (longitudinal - upright) – full / pendular mm 2200 / 2 x 800 
Y-axis travel (transverse - head) mm 800 
Z-axis travel (vertical - head) 
- with head in vertical position mm 700 
- with head in horizontal position mm 820 
Spindle nose distance – table surface 
- with head in vertical position mm 40-700 
- with head in horizontal position mm 210-1030 
X/Y/Z axes fast feed speed m/min 50 
X/Y/Z axes working feed speed in linear interpolation (maximum) m/min 20 
Longitudinal table dimensions mm 2400 
Transverse table dimensions mm 800 
T-slots – number no. 6 
– dimensions mm 18H7 
– distance between centres no. 120 
Maximum weight per square metre allowed on table kg 2000 
Cone dimensions ISO 40 
Spindle rotation speed (standard) rpm 60-12000 
Integrated spindle motor (electrospindle) STD 
Spindle motor power (cont./ S6-60%) Kw 20/23 
Maximum power available starting from a speed of rpm 1920 
Maximum spindle motor torque (cont./ S6-60%) Nm 100/115 
Electrospindle cooling system by means of oil conditioner STD 
ROTATING HEAD – 4th axis continuous “A” 
Head rotation driven by means of torque motor STD 
Possibility of continuous operation in interpolation 
or positioning with hydraulic lock STD 
Head rotary axis travel ± 120° 
Head rotary axis resolution 0.001° 
Rotary encoder with direct position reading STD 
Braking torque Nm 2500 
Head rotation torque motor cooling by means of conditioner STD 
Tool magazine type: servo-controlled, fastened around the column and turning with it; 
tool change with fixed location selection 
Tool cone ISO 40 
Tool magazine capacity (standard), locations no. 40 
Maximum tool diameter (with adjacent stations full/empty) mm 70/120 
Maximum tool length mm 260 
Maximum tool weight kg 5 
Optical scales on 3 axes X, Y, Z 
Head and ram thermal expansion compensation by means of sensors 
Total bodywork equipped with sliding doors with large transparent windows 
Partition for pendular machining operations 
Operator console mounted on an articulated arm 
Automatic cooling system outside the tool 
High-pressure (15 BAR) automatic cooling system through the spindle line; 
additional tank of approx. 400 litres and fabric bag filter 
Air blowing inside and outside the spindle for dry machining operations 
Scraping chip conveyor 
Coolant collection tank outside the tool 
Automatic lubrication system 
On-board electric cabinet with heat exchanger 
Lights in the working area 
Upper cover 
EC declaration of conformity 
Increased electrospindle speed up to 16,000 rpm with taper DIN69871A40 
HSK-A63 cone (instead of DIN-69871-A40) 
Increased electrospindle speed up to 18,000 rpm with taper HSK63 
BT-40 cone (instead of DIN-69871-A40) 
Belt chip evacuator 
20 bar high-pressure cooling system through the spindle line 
Tracking system for workpiece dimension and alignment control 
System for measuring the tool length/radius and tool integrity function 
Embedded turntables with torque motor of 600 mm diameter